Mobile Patrol Service & Keyholding

Magenta Security Servicesí mobile security service is employed by organisations that do not always need a permanent security presence at their sites, but who require a rapid response to a specific occurance.


Our mobile services are able to provide support in the following areas:


Keyholding: Often used if out of hours access is required to a building or other site for security or safety purposes. Our staff hold your keys securely and supply them to your site when required, eliminating the need to have your own staff on-call at unsociable hours.


Alarm Response: This removes the need for your own staff to be on-call, or to deal with expensive police call out charges. Our security officers can respond and react to false alarms as well as, any genuine breach of security.


Inspections: Regular inspections can be an excellent deterrent against security breaches for sites where 24 hour on-site security is not necessary. This is especially economical where the cost can be shared between several businesses in one area.


Accompanied Visits: Mobile staff can accompany any outside visitors, including regular suppliers, allowing your staff to focus on their regular jobs.  This is an excellent addition to permanent security staff, such as those based at site entrances.


Magenta Security strongly maintain that it is of equal importance to be one of the most highly regarded manned guarding companies in the UK as well as being committed the environment and our surroundings.


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